How To Choose The Right Moving Company

When you are looking for a moving company, you should make sure that the movers offer the following services:

• Door to Door Delivery. Make sure that your moving company delivers door-to-door. Some companies will place your items in a shipping container and then you are required to hire an additional mover in your destination city to have the container brought to your new home.
• Insurance Coverage. While movers always claim to be careful, events can happen and your property may get damaged. Look for movers that offer an additional insurance policy on your goods.
• Set Billing. All too often in the moving industry, consumers are given a price for the move, and when they are billed find that the price has significantly increased. Make sure that you have the cost in writing, with no exceptions.
• Optional Packing Service. If you want to save on your moving expenses, make sure that you opt to pack your items yourself. Having the movers pack your goods can be very expensive, and unpacking will be chaotic.
• Licensed-Bonded and Insured. Make sure that the company is properly licensed, bonded and insured to work as a mover. This is especially important if the company will be moving your goods across state lines.…

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